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Boutique property management service for Sydney rental properties which includes regular inspections, tenancy agreements, careful selection of tenants, and screening services.

Securing the property

With over 20 years in the property management field and a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Peace of mind

Enjoy peace of mind with us handling all for you!

Friendly, prompt and efficient service

We have a friendly staff who answers all your questions promptly

About Our Company

Our Property Management Services

  • Peace of mind
  • Friendly, prompt and efficient service
  • Regular communication
  • Careful selection of tenants including references and credit screening
  • Legal tenancy agreements typed
  • Collection and lodgement of the bond (equilavent to 4 weeks rent)
  • Collection of rent and daily monitoring of arrears and immediate action taken if any default
  • Regular inspections – initial detailed first inspection with photographs, followed by 2 months into the tenancy, then 4 monthly and a bond inspection on the tenant vacating
  • Repairs and maintenance attended to with the option to nominate a maximum amount we may spend prior to contacting yourself, or alternatively, an option to attend to repairs personally
  • Payment of regular outgoings such as rates and insurance
  • Prompt disbursement of rent monies – twice monthly or monthly from our audited computerized system
  • Regular rent reviews
    Attendance of any tenancy matters e.g. mediation or tribunal action.
  • Rental Appraisals
    Advice to prospective investors

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